Using GUI - settings





First series of settings is about file locations. You can select whether you want to use one global file for all (recommended), or separate files for each device and each macro. This will not make any change if using only one MFP and no macros ! These file names are the ones which are loaded and used by MFP when started.





Device uinput

This series of settings is to select the appropriate uinput device path, and whether each MFP should register as a separate uinput device or all register through the same one. Again, this last option will have no effect when using only one MFP.






Automatic startup

This series of settings allows to choose whether you want an automatic loading and/or startup of MFP when launching the application, and also whether MFP should startup minimized and with / without a tray icon. Last option enables / disables confirmation for chmfp to continue to execute as a background task if quitting when MFP is active.


Note that if you disable tray icon and enable automatic startup with minimized window, you will not be able to open chmfp application window, except either by invoking chmfp with -x option (see overview), either by physically disconnecting MFP before startup. In any case, you will always be able to terminate chmfp using -t option (see CLI chapter) from another terminal window.