Development - about this program



Anybody interested ?

This is a relatively simple program, yet provides powerful and flexible functionalities. There are a lot of possible enhancements though, but since I am not sure the linux userbase for CH MFP is significant, I would be interested to receive suggestions and contributions. As for my own needs, I do not feel a compelling missing feature that would require further efforts (and I might not have too much time, either).


Please bear in mind I am not a professional C programmer, so many optimizations are probably desirable. Including English, since this is not my native language.


Supporting other hardware

Quite likely, adapting this software for other hardware (including keyboards) is reasonably easy. Most of the code is targeted towards handling uinput events, configuration files and user interaction. Any device for which the USB protocol is known and which relies on data transfer (bulk or interrupt) to transmit input state could be easily adapted, including HID-compliant devices (detach kernel driver being possible with libusb).


Current development work

I have now finalized the GUI interface using gtk2+, the result is published starting at 0.6 version. This was an interesting - albeit long - experience, and a great opportunity for me to learn new things...


So now, what's next ? Not a lot until I receive feedback and requests. Please do...