Using GUI - overview



Launching the application

Default application mode is now to run using graphical user interface. This allows for a totally new user experience. You will run directly in graphical mode by typing :


$ chmfp


If any argument is provided, command line interface will be used. One exception is the option -x, which is provided to start the application in graphical mode but prevents automatic startup of MFP as a background task; this option is mainly useful if you have chosen to autostart minimized with no tray icon, and wish to grab control back and/or change options (if tray icon is active, you can invoke chmfp via the tray icon).


$ chmfp -x



Key features

Key features are listed below and detailed in the subsequent pages :

→ The main window is the keymap editor and allows to fully edit mappings

→ Full macro editor is also available, offering all editing capabilities

→ CCM map file conversion can be performed directly

→ MFP can be started or stopped from the main window

→ A test mode is available, to check that all MFP keys are operational

→ All settings and options can be changed by the user and are remembered by the application

→ Application can run in the background with optional tray icon and optional automatic startup


Initialization defaults

A file chmfp.ini is used to store all settings, and is created upon first run. This file is ignored when using CLI terminal mode; conversely, if any command-line options are called when invoking chmfp, application will automatically use CLI terminal mode.