Using GUI - macro editor



New / load / save macro

Use menu or toolbar to bring up the macro editor window. You will have an empty macro loaded by default. The macro number you choose to load or to save has to be chosen in the top / left frame prior to loading or saving. When loading a macro, the file you choose has to contain a matching [MACRO] entry, otherwise you will see an empty macro loaded.




Insert / delete lines

Use the buttons on the right of each line to either insert a new line before, or delete the corresponding line. By default, a new line created will have zero code value (no action), a normal press action and a default standard delay.




Choose action detail

Each line corresponds to an action, in the sequence listed. When the macro is executed, each line will be executed in a sequence, with the key code, action (normal press, release or hold) and delay programmed. It is possible to have the macro stop after specified delay by clicking the corresponding toggle button on the line, next macro invocation will resume execution from the following line. Finally, a zero-delay means that next action is to be executed simultaneously.


Possible actions include:

Keyboard : use either key name, or virtual keyboard by clicking on button

Mouse button : button number

Joystick button : button number

Press : corresponds to a normal key press / release sequence

Hold : corresponds to a key press, with no release

Release : corresponds to a key release


There is an advanced editing column which you can make appear, which allows you to input directly key assignment value. This is useful for specific keys (such as multimedia,...) for which you will need to assign directly the input.h code.