Using CLI - macro configuration file




The structure is similar to key mappings files, but it is a set of files : name is appended with number of macro (e.g. chmfp_macro-1, chmfp_macro-2, chmfp_macro-3,...). The first statement must be the following :




where 1 is the number of the macro. Any line before will be ignored, as well as any line following the next [. Numbers must be specified in decimal. Blanks lines and lines starting with '#' are ignored



File contains TAB separated values in the form:
key=<key>    action=<action>    delay=<delay>

<key> is the uinput event code (see chmfp_keymap for details)

<action> has a value from 0 to 2
    0 is for button release
    1 is for button press
    2 is for normal button press / release action

<delay> is the time to wait until next macro action is processed
default unit is in 1/100 seconds, 0 means no wait time, 1 is normal value
negative value means wait defined time and stop, resume with next (same)
key press